About Wetin Dey Hapon

Know more about the people behind the scene

Events connect people, Events breed innovation, Events build communities, Wetindeyhapon sparks change.

Wetindeyhapon is a full service online event publicity platform based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Behind Wetindeyhapon is a small close knit team that is driven by a desire to bring together organisations and individuals with our passion for publicising business and pleasure events.
We bring a fresh, unique approach to the event publicizing industry. We are not party planners. We are event publicizers and therefore understand that a properly completed event can be leveraged to support an organization’s strategic vision, incorporated into a company’s marketing plan, or used to build networks and client loyalty.
If your event needs to be properly conceived and executed to deliver tangible business results, Wetindeyhapon is your answer. The Wetindeyhapon team is able to provide a full-service experience that includes:

  • Registration management and support
  • Event communications and promotion
  • Post-event evaluation


At Wetindeyhapon event publicizers, we believe that each event is unique, with its own objectives and challenges.We also know that in order to deliver a successful event, you need an event publicizing partner that understands this.
We believe events are so much more than parties and conferences. Events connect people, breed innovation, build communities and spark change.